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Deadline (Newsflesh Trilogy #2) - Mira Grant ...I don't know, I'm liking this book less and less the more I think about the things that bothered me.Firstly, Grant is incredibly heavy-handed when she's angling for an emotional response; so much so that it backfired 9.5 times out of 10 and I just ended up annoyed at being treated like an idiot who can't take a hint and needs to have every point hammered in (THE COKE THE BIKE THE COKE PUNCHING PEOPLE THE COKE INSANITY THE COKE). This feeling was reinforced by the cheap tricks employed purely for shock value - on far too many occassions rather than make me gasp, they strained my suspended disbelief because they had been staged at the expense of plot/character plausibility.Secondly, general writing issues aside, there are literally zero things I liked about Shaun and his life choices (or lack thereof; he consistently has the major plot points handed to him on a plate and would get slammed for it to hell and back if he happened to be a heroine rather than a hero, or if he didn't deploy the badass-Irwin-speak smokescreen). I do not buy his psychotic grief, I do not buy the unequivocal worship of him within After the End Times despite apparently a year of verbal and physical abuse, I do not buy the reasoning between his assorted dumbfuck decisions and I do *not* buy his miraculous immunity (and while we're in spoiler country, also on the list of things I do not buy and am actually offended by as a reader: Georgia's cloning). Fuck off, you're not the first person to lose a loved one and there's only so long it can fly as an excuse....So yeah, I'll probably read Blackout since I've already paid money for it, but right now I just feel duped.